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Camp Firepits - How to Build

Deb’s new patio is looking pretty good — the grass is starting to fill in.
Campground firepit. The day was a bit overcast, making for perfect campfire and cold one enjoyment.

The National Interagency Fire Center reported in 2009 that human-caused fires destroyed more than 2 million acres of wildlands in the United States. Safety measures are essential for preventing forest fires. 

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Sectional Garage and Hangars Doors

Swinging gates to the garage - the most common type of garage doors. They are ideal for cooperative garages that are sufficiently removed from the protection. This type of gate has a simple design - fabric, consisting of two valves (like in such copper outdoor firepits).  

We can say with certainty that the owner of the vehicle can be confident in the safety of their vehicles in a secure area of ​​the burglary. Classic swing gates of metal in a high degree of protection against unauthorized access to the garage, they are durable and will last for many years regularly. To open them virtually impossible. Swing gates are easy to install, have a relatively low price, perhaps a variety of design of the valves.
Sectional garage doors openers to suit for the premises where the important factor is to maintain heat. The design of these gates is a fabric consisting of horizontal sections, which are often made of sandwich panels. Gates raised horizontal floor up to the ceiling. Sectional doors are installed in private garages, hangars, parked, car washes.
Sliding doors are most often used outdoors, but sometimes in the garage. Their installation requires a fairly large space at the side of the opening.
Rolling Shutters or blinds are suitable for areas where the internal temperature control is not required. Installation of the gates of this type is becoming increasingly popular because They are relatively cheap and require no special care. 

 The principle of operation - opening the door leaf when rolled into a roll above the opening. Installation of the gate does not require special skills, preparatory work, takes about two hours. Shutters can be installed on virtually any openings.

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Wood Stoves and Firepits with Heat Exchanger

Stoves with heat exchanger
These devices are similar to universal ovens, we have considered in the previous review. The difference is that in order to heat the water used is not a heat exchanger (coil) fitted in the output of the combustion products, and any so-called water jacket, is located on three sides of the furnace, or a set of small flat heat exchangers in these areas. It should be connected to such a fireplace and a few storage tank heaters, and you get a heating system with natural circulation of water (some devices allow the use of forced circulation). Stoves with a heat exchanger offer the company IGC (France, the model Concorde), HAAS + SOHN, ALFA PLAM, EDILKAMIN etc. Cost - from € 520. 

 Thermal power of these "mini-boiler" reaches up to 14 kW, of which bo / transmitted through most of the water heating system, less is spent on heating the air. For example, a fireplace Rustikal from ALTA PLAM device with a total capacity of 12.5 kW through the heated air gives 5.5 kW to 7.5 kW and a water jacket.
To prepare the solution the sand is sifted through a sieve with a mesh size ranging from 1x1 up to 1,5 x1, 5 mm. The clay is soaked for 1-2 days and filtered through a sieve with a cell 3x3 mm.

Poured into the box a layer of sand, then pour the strained clay, poured her a second layer of sand, and all are thoroughly mixed. A good solution is a solution, when rubbing it between his fingers felt a layer of gritty sand, but not slippery film with individual grains of sand in it. The normal solution is similar to a thick cream, it slips easily with a steel shovel, and not spill on it. A solution is prepared at least 1-2 days before use.

At the laying of required quantity of solution equal to 1/10-1/13 of the outdoor fireplace. On average, it is believed that 100 bricks have to take a bucket of clay, 2.0-2.3 and 1.5-2.0 buckets of sand.

Clay solutions - solutions of low grades (strength of 4-8 kg / cm). To increase the strength, the solution was added a bucket of 100-250 g of salt, or about 0.75-liter jar of cement. The salt is dissolved in a little water and only then added to a solution. Cement closes with water until a creamy mass of the liquid, and pour that into the solution.
These devices can be attributed both to the stoves and the fireplace, which is why from time immemorial, they have identified a special group - stoves. With the first they are united, above all, that furnace provided with a door, though large, glass-like window rather than the usual cast-iron sash. But the burning logs are always on the mind that creates the illusion of a fireplace. According to its internal mechanics monoblock design is closer to the fire than to the furnaces. They hardly any twists in the way of the combustion products (except for "fireplace tooth" - a ledge at the top of the rear wall of the furnace, which encircle the hot gases before they enter the tube). In the same metal stove in the way of the combustion products are one or two bending, and making his way to this "maze", the hot gases give off heat much more successful. The fact that it's a fireplace, said, and lower than the furnace efficiency - 50-75%. (For reference, the usual efficiency of the stone fireplace with open fires - about 17%, but with metal stoves, this figure could reach up to 90%.)
Bond manufacturing fire pits can in normal mode, allowing their owners to enjoy the game of the flame, and in the long burning mode, which is ensured by limiting the air supply system. For almost closed flaps of one batch of fuel is enough for 5-7 h, and the wood smolder rather than burn (play of the flames did not polyubueshsya). But in both modes stoves work only with the door closed. The main method of heating - convection.
Like any heat generator, stove need to pick up on the power, which should correspond to the volume of heated space (this may be one or several rooms). One kilowatt of energy sufficient to heat about 10 m2, of course, provided that the house is properly insulated.
Since the conventional division into classes and groups for stoves, fireplaces not in the future, we will use our own code names.

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