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Wood burning fireplace inserts heat home much better

Do you use a fireplace to heat your home in the winter? Do it seem cold in your house, despite the fact that your fireplace is burning? Wood burning fireplace inserts will heat your home much better. They are placed inside your fireplace, and they allow the warm air to circulate to a much larger area. Sometimes, it can be cold in the very room that a burning fireplace is located. This won’t happen when you have a wood burning fireplace insert. The entire room will be warm, and chances are, the heat will circulate to other rooms of your home as well.

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Fireplaces and railings

Electrical rough is in complete as well as gas piping. We are very close to insulation and closing the interior walls.
This week’s big items were the installation of the fireplaces, chimney piping and front railings.
Unfortunately, the wood burning chimney pipe is quite a bit larger and taller than we hoped, but that’s the code. At least we can paint it some hue to match the roof.

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