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Build a Fireplace with Hands

You have decided to build a fireplace with his hands. First, define a desired dimensions. They will depend on the ratio of surface to volume of space. Necessary to accurately determine the size of a fireplace flue openings. If it is small, the ratio of height to width should relate as 2:3. The ratio between the height and depth of the portal burner must be either 1:2 or 2:3. This ratio must be strictly observed, because the more depth, the less heat into the room, and will cause less smoke. The diameter of the chimney fire depends on the area of ​​the furnace. It should be 10 - 15 times smaller. The room in which you decide to build a Monessen fireplace must be ventilated and be equipped with a chimney to remove combustion products.

The materials can be used very different: natural stone, metal, concrete, brick, block stone. From material selection will depend on the shape and quality of the fireplace.

First, between the house foundation and the foundation laid with two insulating fire ball. For this purpose, commonly used roofing material. Make a clay mortar. To do this, the clay is soaked in water beforehand, and from time to time, stirred by preventing thickening of the material. Added fine sand 1mm in diameter. Clay solution should be high fat content. Low fat does not clutch a strong and very fat gives more shrinkage. The first row of bricks spread the cement with the addition of clay to a finished solution.

Be sure to follow, so that rows were horizontal, vertical angles, and geometric dimensions of the right. Each brick before laying dipped in a bucket of water for 2 - 3 minutes. As a result, they stand out is in the air, thereby laying the fortress rise.

But the firebox and smoke box made without the use of tools, smoothing and equal to the solution at hand. The inner walls of smoke box, channels, and a fireplace firebox to be wiped to remove the solution, which was made - he can sprinkle in the furnace. The surface of the inside is not plastered. The curved surface of the roof and smoke box are laid out by gradually vent bricks. To tilt the back wall was crooked, to align it with the steel use the invoice screen, stuffy inside.

Portal to put a fireplace brick fireplace reimplemented different types of bridges: arched arched, etc. From the opening rain to close the outlet pipe. For this purpose, suitable curly smoke hole of the plate, although the best fit brick and a flat cap made of corrugated iron.

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