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Fireplace Mantel Surrounds

Fireplace Mantel Surround
Framing the fireplace brilliantly as the decorative focal point is the fireplace mantel surround. Situated at the top to include the mantel and at each side of the fireplace, it has the ability to stand out in a room, even with a simple design.

Architects in Greek and Roman history are the ones responsible for the earliest fireplace surround mantels.

Elaborate designs were used with the help of carved figures and moldings to marble and tiles.

Even picture panels were used as it is today.

Fast-forward to today and some of the design style and materials are still maintained. A mantel surround is indeed a major construction task. That's why you will want to take your time in selecting the right material that would enhance your living space.

If you are building a mantel surround to suit your decor for instance, it would be best to have it custom-made.

So, too, are marble, granite oak and even brick. You will then have to decide whether you want a simple design or something more extravagant reminiscent of the Victorian era.

Of course there are easy do-it-yourself surround mantel kits available in unlimited designs to fit your specifications and needs.

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