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Replacing of Fireplace's Hood - Step By Step

Step 1
Remove the existing fireplace hood. Be sure to remove any construction adhesive or other application material along with the hood as well.

Step 2
Prep the surface and make sure there is no loose mortar so the new fireplace hood does not come loose after you install it.

Step 3
Take the replacement hood out of the packaging and inspect all the parts. You should have the metal hood and required installation hardware, as well as installation instructions from the manufacturer.

Step 4
Drill new pilot holes in the masonry, which requires a power drill with a masonry bit. Install masonry anchors so that the new hardware has something stable with which to connect.

Step 5
Apply construction adhesive according to the package directions.

Step 6
Install the fireplace hood with the hardware included. You may need a Phillips head screwdriver or socket wrench depending on the nature of the hardware.




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