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Blaze King Catalytic Burner

Blaze King catalytic burner stoves capture these gases and materials and then they burn rather than to escape this valuable energy source through the chimney. Blaze King wood stoves provide the optimum heat output of solid wood fuel.Imagine that if wood is first in the firing chamber of the furnace, typically as much as a third of the forests will be burned as energy gases and liquid / vapor materials released.

This secondary burn capability means greater heat output and cleaner emissions from the wood consumed.As a result, reduce your overall consumption of wood, while your heat output is increased.The princess can be up to 90 pounds of wood end the frequent recharging of the furnace.It works with a 82% efficiency to maximize your performance and minimized its catalytic combustor emissions output.The princess is a catalytic thermometer with a 2-inch probe.The thermometer (Condar code 3CX-2).

This stove requires a combustion chamber, the 6 inches long by 3 inches thick, with 25 cells per square inch with a stainless steel can be wrapped.Moreover, these electric garage heaters generate more heat than the heating of some other brands.Blaze King Classic wood-burning stoves have large fire boxes with thermo-reactive fire brick which radiates heat drawn directly into the room.

They have been tested and certified, with an overall efficiency of 82.5% for the 1107th KEFor longer operating time, large logs are used, and up to 80 # of wood can be loaded, thereby reducing the problems associated with the frequent reloading of smaller stoves.

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