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Most Efficient Heaters

Dayton also offers the oil-filled electric heater, the NX3. This heater features oil inside of the heater that is warmed, not burned. It’s very important to underline that because the oil is only warmed, no replacements are necessary. The Dayton heaters provide a safe and efficient way of heating your room without harming the environment.

Noritz tankless water heaters for any residential application including indoor or outdoor mounted designs as well as high-capacity, heavy-duty residential hot water heater models. The Noritz tankless water heaters are available in LP (propane) or Natural gas.

The Ashley wood burning stove is designed to accept cordwood sized between 20 and 24 inches long. Like most woodstoves you’ll need adequate wall clearance. In this case the manufacturer suggests 17 inches on the sides and 35 inches on the back. Exactly how much clearance you’ll need depends on the size of stove you chose obviously. Then too this required clearance may determine where you install it.

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