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Famous Wood Stoves from Bob Fisher

The fire could also be controlled more easily. In addition, these new wood stoves could easily be used for cooling. Fisher wood stoves were made from heavy steel plates ¼’ and 5/16′ thick. The doors were made of cast-iron. Bob Fisher gave the original names for the models of stoves. They were “Papa Bear,” “Momma Bear” and “Baby Bear.” Nowadays the stoves designed by Bob Fisher are manufactured no more. However, they are still sold as vintage goods and have become collectors’ items.

In the mid-1980s the old wood stoves were replaced by clean burning stoves. Fisher wood stoves released about 50 – 80 grams of smoke for every kilogram of wood that was burned. By closing steel chimney off and limiting release to only a small hole, 6 inches in diameter, the heat would be retained in the room. It’s very important to underline that the new clean burning Fisher stove released less than 6 grams of smoke on every 1 kilogram of wood that was burned. These new clean burning stoves are known as EPA outdoor wood stoves.

As for the design, the design of the Fisher stove was based on observing how heat was lost from a wood burning fireplace. The Fisher wood stoves had a plume-pipe that extended from the top of the steel box structure and released the smoke outside. Older models had steel doors. Newer models had heat resistant glass doors to show the fire within.

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