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Recontruction of Your Flat

If you change the facade of the building, you must obtain permission to reconstructive work. Events affecting the facade of the building are: device balcony (if it was not), the device is a separate entrance, increase in size or number of windows, extension of premises, etc.

In developing the project of reconstruction works will also need to consider the appearance of the building, as Your ideas should not disturb a unified architectural appearance of the building, otherwise the Committee of Architecture and Urban refuses to negotiate your project.

Permission for reconstructive work is given by the Administration in your area based on the decision of the Committee of Architecture and Urban Planning or Geodesists decision city executive committee. To obtain permission to develop a conceptual design (how it will look like) and match it in some instances. One must bear in mind that if you use the additional land (for example, a new step or balcony), you will need to provide documentation attesting to the absence from this plot of land communication and coordination of command, communication, which are located near the site of the proposed production of construction works ( Mingazov, Energonadzor, Heating systems, MGTS, and maybe even Metro)

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