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Chimney Liner Inspection

The chimney flue liner features liner is designed to protect a masonry chimney fire by corrosive by-products A, which arise when there is. Chimneys that are not fed and the mortar between the bricks, can break through the years by the heat, wood-emissions and hazardous gases.The gases, caused by the fire, are acidic and can eat away at the time of the mortar joints, could make this possible, return the heat and hazardous gases in the home.

The stainless steel chimney liner is one of the many parts of the chimney and the liner allows the heat and hazardous gases from a safe to be carried out through the chimney and out of your home.If the liner is damaged, you must remove or replace before the fire again.

Chimney inspection, you should check your chimney every year with your annual chimney cleaning.During the inspection, you will check for signs of damage, cracks or other problems with the flue gas, brick, mortar, throats, and the chimney liner.

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