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Wood Stoves and Piston Fireplace Bellows

The wood stove is a stove, the water-coated according to the following scheme works: the water that the oven is heated and pumped through the pipes, cover to heat the building.Heating is not the only function of the wood stove.To obey the wood stove for hot water in sufficient quantity to meet the needs of an entire house. There are two types of fireplace bellows in those days.These include the single-acting piston bellows joint and the double-acting.The functions bellows by air in and expel the air in two separate and different movements of the handles.

The double-acting piston fireplace bellows to allow air to be blown in two strokes of the bellows "handles.It is very important to stress that this brat to be stronger.They provide more air than the traditional single piston bellows.Fireplace bellows consists of an air chamber and a valve (or nozzle.can) The air chamber is like an accordion design, to grow it and get flexible contract.

Fireplace bellows two handles, which concluded when, strength, breathe in the Hall ", drawing air inside for storage.If the handles are pushed down, the air chamber forces the air through the nozzle.Air from the nozzle and onto a small fire or smoldering log to stoke the flames.The handles are raised again and again and pushed the air is sucked in and pushed, so that for the regular features of the air.

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