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Far infrared Chromalox models

Electric heaters don't require a chimney, so that they can be used indoors.Of course you should always read to ensure that the heater is approved for indoor use.Chromalox electric garage heaters are an excellent choice for small rooms or garages where heat is not a constant concern.These heaters are small, safe and portable.

Chromalox has produced the world's largest and broadest line of electric heat and control products, including heating components, immersion heaters, circulation systems, heat transfer, boiler, industrial and comfort air heating, heat trace cables, sensors and precision electronic controls.Chromalox electric heaters emit infrared heat in your home.

Far infrared models from Chromalox heaters actually heat you from the inside out, whereas conventional heating systems must first heat the air around you.It works the same way that the sun warms you while you're outside on a cloudless day.An electric fan forced heater Chromalox for the garage is the best option for those who know don't as they vent their heating.

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