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450 degrees Celsius for Tramontina Dutch oven

Tramontina Dutch oven is also designed to work in an oven to heat up to 450 degrees CelsiusThere are two built-in side handles, the edge of the pot, and it helps to ensure the safe transport from kitchen to table or buffet is for use as serving dishes.The stove is heavy, secure-fitting lid is designed to make nutrients, moisture and heat contained in it, where the stove is to stay in-cool lid knob makes it easy to remove the lid when the time comes to serve dinner, give or content

Always one to stir.Tramontina Dutch oven stove is constructed of sturdy cast iron to ensure that the heater itself and the heat loss is reduced.The interior of each pot is pannel with scratch-resistant enamel in a very light, neutral cream lined, while the outside is in enamel in one of several painted colors of the customers preferred.These ovens are available in two different sizes, and the larger of them is ideal for making a casserole, stew or roast.

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