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Lasko Heaters and Aurora Fireplaces Features

Lasko Heaters

The Lasko RS3000 automatically adjusts the heat output as the air temperature in the room rises. Air is forced through the heater continuously at floor level, rising through natural convection, and the power consumption of the heater decreases as the air approaches the desired warmth. Lasko ceramic heaters include a lower power setting, 700 Watts. That’s practical for spot heating in a smaller location. A third setting runs the fan without heating.

Fireplaces from Aurora

Aurora marble fireplaces have developed the ‘Napier’ insert with this adjustable canopy feature. Additional inserts, also featuring an adjustable canopy, will shortly be introduced.Original Arched Fireplaces had no canopy. However, almost all modern arch inserts do.

Many modern houses contain small openings for fireplaces. They are too small to support an original insert. So in 1984 fireplace manufacturers developed the 3” return. It had a serious advantage. The advantage of the 3” return is that the fireplace may be fitted to a flat wall and there’s no intrusion of the insert beyond the wall.

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