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Heater Requires Hook-up by a Qualified Electrician

Electric Charmglow heaters are safe to use inside your screened in porch or outside on an open deck or patio. Note: natural gas, propane or kerosene heaters require a well-ventilated room. Most outdoor patio heaters have anti-tip shut off features that stop the flow of gas if your Charmglow patio heater is bumped or tips over.
If you are using a gas Charmglow patio heater in a three-season porch, you should always leave a window cracked. It’s very important to have a carbon monoxide detector somewhere on the porch just in case.

The Chromalox heaters provide quiet, reliable fan-forced heating in residential garages and small shops, as well as all types of commercial and industrial structures.
You should keep in mind that this heater requires hook-up by a qualified electrician. Make sure you purchase the appropriate voltage and wiring option for your needs. This model draws 31 amps of power and must be wired to a 40 amp circuit breaker.

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