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All about wood burning fireplaces. Articles about fireplace parts and accesoires - fireplace inserts, chimney, mantels. Indoor and Outdoor patio fireplace designs.

Stoves and Heaters for Large Area Heating

Gas Fired portable torpedo Dayton heater has continuous electronic ignition, variable heat angles, fuel safety shutoff, and automatic overheat shutoff.

This heater can perfectly heat such small spaces as workshops, barns, warehouses, or construction sites. Larger units (factories, warehouses, airplane hangars, agricultural settings, and other large open areas) can also be heated by this portable torpedo propane heater. LP units include 10-ft. hose and regulator.

Blaze King stoves

Blaze King wood stoves provide the optimum heating efficiency from solid wood fuel. Imagine, that when wood is initially burned in the firebox of the stove, usually as much as one-third of the woods energy is released as gases and liquid/vapor materials. Blaze King catalytic combustor stoves capture these gases and materials and then burns them instead of allowing this valuable energy source to escape up the chimney.

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